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Our Plans & Fees

Includes non-membership & membership options

3x4 Genetics Blueprint One-time Consultation

Your genes are unique.  This test will provide your insights that help you understand your health better.  Highly recommended as a first step before considering membership.

(as needed or membership)

Medical acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese technique that has been used for millennia to treat chronic pain and other health problems associated with inflammation.  

One-Time Functional Consult

In this one-time 60-minute consult, Dr. Hopen will listen to your health journey and formulate a personalize plan to change your narrative. A 30-minute follow-up appointment is included!

Active or Deluxe 
Functional Medicine Membership

Our membership plans require a minimum of 3 months commitment so that you can be supported through weekly coaching, weekly education webinars, acupuncture, and uninterrupted one-on-one time with Dr. Hopen.

One-time Traditional Medicine Annual Wellness

This offering is great for the individual who has STABLE chronic conditions and is due for their annual visit, routine labs, and medication refills, but is having challenges in accessing their primary care team. 

Bridging the Gap for Traditional Medicine

We know it's difficult to get an appointment with your primary care team.  This monthly membership DOES NOT replace your primary care team, but it provides you peace of mind knowing that you can easily access a physician for your concerns.


This option is ideal for the individual with a high deductible health insurance plan who can't get in to see their primary care team in a timely manner.  

Ready to start your journey to your best health?

A special note about health insurance: 

We decided in the beginning to focus on client relationships rather than insurance requirements. Therefore, our office is out of network for all insurance carriers.  We will provide each patient with a receipt that is called a “superbill” by the insurance industry. You can submit this superbill to your particular insurance carrier and, in most cases, there is some benefit available to you for out-of-network care. (Important exceptions are Tricare, Medicare and Medicaid for which we are NOT a contracted provider and you are NOT eligible for reimbursement.)

It is the client’s responsibility to know the details of their insurance plan and how to submit the superbill. For further information, go to FAQ or our VIP guided tour for more information.

(Contact us if interested in group or corporate wellness workshops.)

Still on the fence?

Consider this...What is your health worth to you?

A 2019 survey commissioned by Ladder and conducted by OnePoll looked at Americans’ spending on “essential” versus “non-essential” items, and found that Americans may be able to afford essentials more easily than they think, just by tweaking their spending habits.



Dinner out at a restaurant                                               $209.38

Drinks out with friends or co-workers                           $188.68

Takeout or delivery                                                         $177.88

Purchasing lunch                                                             $173.62

Impulse purchases                                                          $108.97

Use a rideshare (for non-essential trips)                     $96.11

Receive personal care                                                      $94.25

Subscription boxes                                                          $93.96

Cable                                                                                  $90.57

Online shopping (for non-essentials)                             $84.11

Gym, fitness classes and/or a personal trainer            $72.53

Paid apps                                                                             $23.24

Streaming services for movies/TV                                 $23.09

Streaming services for music                                           $22.41

Coffee                                                                                   $20.25

Bottled water                                                                      $17.47

                                                                          Grand MONTHLY Total  $1,497

Obviously these are pre-COVID stats, but these numbers may help you reprioritize other things so that you can put your health first.  



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