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Let's Compare the Care!

Years ago, I lived in the world of conventional primary care, so I know what it's like to see 20+ patients a day. In 10-15 mins (how is this the standard of care???), I dealt with the specific disease processes and I primarily focused on pharmaceutical medications to bring that diseased area back to "normal." Those days are long gone!

Lifestyle and Functional medicine deals primarily with the prevention and causes of disease, rather than mostly on the symptoms after the disease has developed. In a 30-60 minute visit, all of the principles of conventional medicine are used in Lifestyle and Functional Medicine, but the latter goes one step further in that it integrates the diagnosis, signs/symptoms, and evidence of the clinical imbalances into a comprehensive, all encompassing approach to that considers E-V-E-R-Y aspect of your health. We look at you nutrition, sleep habits, stress, social connections, movement, and a bunch of other stuff too.

Have you dreamt about the day when... -you don't have to think about when your next pill is due, or -it doesn't take you an hour after you wake up to feel less stiff, or -you can think clearly because your brain fog is gone, or -you have the energy to walk a couple of blocks, or -your hot flashes are manageable

Inspired Wellness, PLLC can dive deeper into your health journey and personalize a health plan for you. We will never promise a cure, but we will always help you to reimagine your health story. You will be heard, supported, and empowered with the knowledge, tools, and skills that will carry you after your membership is complete.

Unfortunately, insurance plans don't cover what we provide. There are so many reasons to be hesitant about an innovative and proactive program like Inspired Wellness, PLLC, but if you live in Washington state and want to know more, consider applying for membership. The $5 fee will be collected and donated to back into my hometown of Oak Harbor, WA. The fee we collect will help the Allgire Project continue their efforts to beautify my city with inspiring murals.

Membership application requires a screening call. After our call, you will receive an email from me with information to help you with the next steps in your health journey (even if you decide the membership wasn't for you). You win, The Allgire Project wins, and you will play a part in the beautification of Pioneer Way in Oak Harbor! My practice is super, super small, so apply soon!

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